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The museum is open today 10 am - 5 pm
34th Ave, Queens, NY 11106
open today 10 am - 5 pm
34th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

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Lochgoin Museum

Scotland was in an almost constant state of civil unrest because people refused to accept the royal decree that King Charles was head of the church (known as the 'Kirk'). When those who refused signed a covenant which stated that only Jesus Christ could command such a position, they were effectively signing their own death warrant. This was a grim period of religious persecution which witnessed the bloodiest crimes of the nation's history, committed by Scots against Scots.

Our museum is is primarily dedicated to the men of Lochgoin and Fenwick who played such a major role during what is referred to in Scottish history as “the killing times”

Covenanting Museum Fenwick Ayrshire

Today South West Scotland is a peaceful and largely prosperous area, however there survive a large number of ‘martyrs’ graves, which are reminders of an altogether more turbulent past. Many are located on remote moorland, marking the spot where government soldiers killed supporters of the Covenant. Others are to be found in parish Kirkyards either erected at the time or often replaced by modern memorials. Almost every corner of southern Scotland has a tale to tell of the years of persecution, from remote and ruinous shepherds’ houses where secret meetings were held to castles and country houses commandeered by government troops in their quest to capture and punish those who refused to adhere to the King’s religious demands.


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